with reservations

A steamy forced proximity vacation fling romance.

Totally right can sometimes masquerade as totally wrong.

Dominique Bergeron plays it safe.

Working construction, she’s become quite good at putting up walls, including the ones around her heart. When her best friend invites her on a trip to Belize, it’s a chance to relax and figure out what her next step in life will be. But then she meets Jesse Weber—the gorgeous yet arrogant jerk that steals her book, her common sense, but will also be sharing her private villa. That’s when she knows she has a problem.

Jesse Weber needs a break.

From the daily grind, his clingy ex and his countless other issues. So when opportunity strikes, he jumps at the chance to escape and soak up some Belize sun. But when he meets Dominique Bergeron—a tiny girl with a massive chip on her shoulder—he worries a free trip might cost him more than he’d like.

When their bickering becomes heated chemistry, a trip of a lifetime turns into a chance to indulge in their desires, but will they resist or let go of all reservations?

the way it was

A classic second-chance romance that spans decades.

"I’ve always wondered what if? That’s a horrible question to have linger over you all your life. I need to understand what happened." 

Since the summer of 1988, Samantha Temple not only became a teacher and had a daughter, but found a way to mend her broken heart. Mended might not be the right word. Delicately pieced together is more like it.

Now, twenty years after the fateful summer that changed her forever, Sam will discover a betrayal that forces her to return to where it all began.

True love never really disappears--it only hides away behind years of regrets, and Sam knows this firsthand.

When your heart is so fragile, can you risk giving it away a second time around?

the long weekend

a steamy, small-town contemporary romance

"And then there was Devon. A small shiver went through me as his name popped in my head. Though I hadn’t seen him in a long time, every detail of him came back crystal clear in my mind."

A funeral brings her back home. Desires and responsibilities might make her stay.

Unlike everyone else in Frelighsburg, Ellie Williams has worked her hardest to move on from her sleepy hometown and she’s done pretty well so far.

Only a funeral could drag her back.

But when her old crush, Devon, reappears in her life, things get... complicated. Their lives become intertwined in ways Ellie never saw coming. And we’re not just talking about bedsheets.

One weekend—that’s all it is. But that one weekend turns into the longest, most intense Ellie’s ever lived.

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